• Welcome to the first ever

    Sweden Marathi International Film Festival

    in Stockholm, Sweden

  • 20th – 24th April 2017

    Cinema Halls: Sture | Zita | Mauritz (SFI)


SIFA (Sweden India Film association) in co-operation with Goa Marathi Film Festival is holding the first ever Marathi International Film Festival in Stockholm between 20/4-24/4/2017. A total of 20 art films will be screened in three theatres: Sture, Zita, Mauritz (SFI).

Marathi film is the precursor to the Indian film industry. Dadasaheb Phalke (1870-1944) a Marathi, is known as the Father of Indian Cinema. One of the highest yearly film awards in Indian cinema is the DADASAHEB PHALKE AWARD, instituted in 1969 by the Govt of India to commemorate Phalke´s contribution to Indian cinema. Marathi cinema has been overshadowed by the influx and prominence of Bollywood films. However,of late,this film industry has risen to prominence and aroused the curiosity of an international audience.

The aim of this festival is to raise an awareness of good content Indian films. We hope to inform and arouse the curiosity of the Swedes for the vibrant multi facets of India. This will hopefully lead to strengthen the ties and co-operation between the two countries, arouse an interest for each others culture and lead to co-productions between the two film industries. The festival will be attended by some of the most prominent producers, directors, actors. The public will have the opportunity to interact with them at the end of each film screening.

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20th – 24th April 2017

Sweden Marathi International Film Festival (SMIFF) has selected Sweden to hold the first festival as this is the land of the iconic, Ingemar Bergman. The Marathi art films are well-suited to the Swedish sensibilities....for their pathos for gender equality and social themes.

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Festival Producers

Kunnie Topden
Sanjay Shetye

Film Curator

Kunnie Topden
Gajendra Ahire
Arpan Bhukhanwala


Kunnie Topden
Saee Mahambre


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YSM Media Labs

Special Thanks

Christer Holmgren
Sture Johansson
Cinzia Paulsen
Ulrika Sundbäck
Johan Fogde Dias
Christian Åkerlund
Jerry Axelsson
Maskinister (Sture/Zita/Mauritz)


Ujjwala Andersson
Runa Patil
Archana Tengali
Pallavi Bhagvat
Ketaki Kulkarni
Winnie Manake
Julia Lager


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